Recruitment Services



Flexible due to temporary work

You have jobs for painters, but no staff? Whether it is a peak in demand or a staff shortage – your company can rely on the specialized and reliable workers employed by ERGO, regardless of whether you need a painter for a day or several months. You determine the length of the contract. Stay flexible in your planning and staffing costs.

Hiring temporary staff allows you to make the most of favourable order situations and fulfill the wishes of your clients. And who, if not us, can provide you with qualified staff who can deal with your orders? The size of your company makes no difference.


Painters and varnishers …

New orders are coming in and the demand is higher than the available resources. Holiday season and sick leave make it difficult, or in the worst case, impossible, to keep up with the orders. Have you ever thought about temporary work? Forget about the assumption that temporary staff is only suited for big companies. React flexibly and ask about our qualified painters and varnishers. We are well informed in the field of paint work and can provide you with the best suited workers for your orders. You save time, money and resources that you would otherwise spend on recruitment.

No more frustrating job advertisements and overpriced fees for their placement. For our team here in ERGO it does not matter if you are looking to hire a worker for one day or several months – we have the right qualified staff for you! Our employees are reliable and motivated. We work from our headquarters in Berlin to support clients all over Germany and Europe. We have the necessary means to support also large construction sites.